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About Us . . .

Founded in 1918, the Montreal Centre is part of a Canada-wide network of 27 Centres affiliated under the banner of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.  Our members are hobbyists from all walks of life. Some members look at the sky through telescopes, others through binoculars, or with the unaided eye. Still others are armchair astronomers who don’t observe at all. What they do have in common though is an interest in astronomy.

For over 86 years, the Montreal Centre's primary goal has been to nurture an appreciation and understanding of the universe. There are monthly Observers Group Meetings as well as frequent lectures by amateur and professional astronomers. Although you do not have to be a member to come to our observer group meetings or our lectures, we would appreciate your joining us to help us continue our work.

Many observing outings are organized to our out-of-town observatory at St-Chrysostome or to other dark sky sites. Our astronomical library is first rate. It includes thousands of books, journals, magazines and videotapes. It compliments the numerous publications regularly mailed to each member. 

For more information about the Montreal Centre, read the Benefits of Membership section below and visit the Information for New Members section.  Our Centre has the facilities and the activities to help you develop your interest in astronomy. If your are interested, the Montreal Centre invites you to Become a Member

The Montreal Centre of the RASC has always made bringing astronomy to the general public an important part of its mandate. Star Nights were held in Westmont Park as far back as the mid-1940s and over the years the Centre has brought many celestial events to the community.

Today, for example, the Centre holds binocular-viewing and telescope-viewing sessions for the public at the Morgan Arboretum. One of the most rewarding aspects of this hobby can be felt when hundreds of children, utter ooohs and ahhhs as they look at the sky for the first time through a telescope. The kids will remember their first look through a telescope for the rest of their lives. Their expressions of wonder and awe remind us of the importance of bringing astronomy to children.


The RASC Observer's Handbook
- An indispensable tool for both casual and advanced observers. (Published annually)
The Journal of the RASC - A compilation of scientific papers submitted by professionals and amateurs in a magazine-style format. (Published bi-monthly)
SkyNews - A colourful and informative magazine geared towards amateurs that are new to the field. (6 issues per year)
Skyward - The Montreal Centre newsletter and Canada's oldest-known amateur astronomy newsletter (6 per year). Now in its 55th year of publication.
Observational field trips are planned quite frequently. This valuable activity provides everyone, especially newer members, with the opportunity of getting hands-on experience under dark skies!
Access to the Centre's telescope and binocular rental program, RASCope. Attractive rates and great selection make this a very popular program with newer and seasoned members alike.
Throughout most of the year, amateur and professional astronomers give lectures at our meetings. The Montreal Centre also hosts the prestigious Townsend Lecture, an annual event featuring internationally renowned astronomers.
Members are free to use the Centre's 1000-volume astronomical library of books and videotapes.
Discounts on purchases at a local Astronomy supply dealer.
Discounted rates with a local Internet service provider.


Monthly meetings are held at John Abbott College.
Please consult the
Upcoming Events
page on this website for the schedule.
Note: all meetings begin at 8:00 p.m.



If you are 16 years of age or older, have an interest in the heavens,
 and would like to learn more, you qualify. It's that simple!
No technical or scientific background is necessary.


         $64 for adults (21 and older).
         $41.50 for youths (age 16-20).
Membership spans a one-year period and is renewable at the end of the term.
(Multi-year & Life memberships are also available)


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