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All Lunar Event times are adjusted for the Montreal area


. . .  i n   O c t o b e r    2 0 0 5  

Events & Activities will be posted as they become available

Oct.  1 Mars is stationary
As the Earth overtakes Mars in its orbit around the Sun, the Red planet begins its retrograde, or westward, motion.
October is an excellent month to observe this planet as it rises in the ENE during evening twilight and transits at 02:00 while at 60 degrees above the horizon.
First Quarter Moon
First Quarter Moon  at 15:02 ET
Moon rises at 15:05
Moon sets at  23:11
Oct.  3   New Moon
New Moon  at 06:29 ET
Moon rises at 07:02
Moon sets at 18:35
Oct.  6
Montreal Centre MONTHLY Meeting:
Location:  Penfield Building, room P204, John Abbott College
Time: 8:00 p.m.
Speaker: Albert Saikaley, (from the Ottawa Centre - RASC)
Topic: My Experiences in Astrophotography
The public is invited to attend
Oct.  8 Public Observing Night
Location: Morgan Arboretum, Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue
Activities begin at 7:00 p.m.
Bring your binoculars, telescopes, and your expertise!

Draconid Meteor Shower
According to the Observer's Handbook, although an outburst could last for 1 or 2 hours the strength of any outburst in 2005 is uncertain.
In 1985 there were strong outbursts as the ZHR (Zenith Hourly Rate) exceeded 500.  In 2005 the geometries are similar to those of 1985 and there is no Moon in the sky to interfere with the spectacle, so this should be a good year...

Moon rises at 13:05
Moon sets at 21:00
Oct.  10   First Quarter Moon
First Quarter Moon  at 15:02 ET
Moon rises at 15:05
Moon sets at  23:11
Oct.  14 The Moon will be at perigee (365,449 km) Moon rises at 17:06
Moon sets at 03:07
Oct.  17   Full Moon
Full Moon  at 08:14 ET
Moon rises at 18:05
Moon sets at 07:17
Oct.  21 Orionid Meteor Shower
This is a minor shower with a Zenith Hourly Rate estimated at around 20.

The Moon will interfere with this display as it is only 4 days past Full.
2005 is definitely not a good year for the Orionids.
Moon rises at 20:15
Moon sets at 12:19
Oct.  24   Last Quarter Moon
Last Quarter Moon
   at 21:18 ET
Moon rises at 23:16
Moon sets at 14:43
Oct.  26 The Moon will be at apogee (404,494 km) Moon rises at 00:23
Moon sets at 15:35
Oct.  30 Mars' closest approach to Earth
Mars it at only 0.46 AU (Astronomical Units) or 68,815,020 kilometers
Moon rises at 03:47
Moon sets at 15:42

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Last updated on 05 October, 2005

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