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Public Events
The Montreal Centre regularly participates or hosts public events.
Below are photographs from some of those events:

(A great big "Thank you" to Ron Lemish for taking most of the member photos you see in these pages!)

Mix96 Movies in the Park (2000) where our Centre participated in 11 events in various parks all over Montreal.

p1p2.jpg (22892 bytes)

Bert helps a youngster up to the Centre's 14" telescope so that he may view
the Moon for the very first time.

p0000240.jpg (240689 bytes)

Denis is busy answering questions
as visitors queue for a peek
through the instrument.   

This young observer may forget
the movie that was playing that
night, but he will always remember
his first look through a telescope.
p0000239.jpg (71810 bytes)

Hey! Can I look too?   

p0000614.jpg (357470 bytes)

Carole is describing the constellations
to two kids in the Centre's gazebo.  

p0000218.jpg (220028 bytes)
Mark readies his telescope
for busy evening observing.

Venus-Jupiter Conjunction high atop St. Joseph's Oratory.

p0000181.jpg (236538 bytes)

These photos speak for themselves

p0000190.jpg (237088 bytes)

p0000184.jpg (226905 bytes)
p0000199.jpg (228510 bytes) p0000188.jpg (236172 bytes)

p0000180.jpg (249586 bytes)

      Photos of Out-of-Town Observatory

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