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Photos from GA 2002
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The Woolly Woods Observatory in Ste-Chrysostome

Our Observatory,  located some 51 km. south of the Mercier Bridge, is a dark site with a clear horizon in all directions. The building is home to a 12.5" reflector on a German equatorial mount that has won an award for design at the Stellafane Telescope Makers' Convention in Springfield, Vermont several years ago. Centre members can use this telescope along with two smaller instruments that are stored there.

( to learn of the next planned outing to Woolly Woods be sure to consult the Upcoming Events Page )

Who ever said that amateur astronomers weren't a happy bunch.


p0000613.jpg (221485 bytes) Here is the newly-refurbished telescope out on the concrete slab.  It's interesting to point out that the observing slab is large enough to accommodate other portable instruments.


 p2p3.jpg (16016 bytes)
Stephanie testing her new  8" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope.





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